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Search For Candidates

When you post a job on esCandidates.com, you can use the search feature to find candidates whose skills and experience fits the profile. You can then select multiple candidates to move forward to the expert-led interview process.



Create New Job Postings

You can enter a start and end date for the posting, a job description and skill requirements. After you’ve created the job, you will be able to invite candidates and schedule expert interviews.



Connect To CATS Applicant Tracking System

Our system is easy to connect and import resumes from CATS of candidates that you want to invite to an expert interview.



Invite Outside Candidates

If you use the CATS applicant tracking system, you can import resumes from your account and invite candidates who have posted their resumes on job sites such as Monster, LinkedIn and CareerBuilder.



Invite Experts

After you have posted a job, you can select from a large pool of industry experts to conduct the interview.



Schedule An Interview

After an expert has accepted the invitation, you can send an invitation to the candidate and schedule the interview to work with both the expert and candidate’s availability.



Approve Interview Questions

The expert will submit interview questions to employer for approval or editing before the interview with the candidate.



Watch the interview

After the expert has conducted the interview, log on to view the interview. All interviews are timed according to the question asked, so you are able to replay the candidate’s response to a specific question with one click.



Review The Expert’s Feedback

After watching the interview, you can review the expert’s feedback on the candidate and compare ratings to other candidates. You can then decide whether to pursue the candidate or invite other candidates for interviews.