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We believe in connecting the most skilled talent in the job market with great companies. Our expert-led recruiting network streamlines the process to make the transition from job search to new-hire fast and effective.

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Don't depend on an old-school recruiting process to attract today's brightest talent. Our expert-led recruiting process is a new approach to screen the best applicants, ensuring that your next hire will be the best candidate for the job.

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Use your industry experience to help employers select great talent. Our expert-led interview process is a win-win situation, providing the employer practical feedback on each candidate, and enabling you to position yourself as an industry leader and influencer.

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You'll be interviewed by industry experts with real-world knowledge who can influence the employer's decision. This unique process enables you to showcase your knowledge and skills to prove that you are the best candidate for the job.

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Feature Highlights

  • Connect Recruiting Accounts

    Import candidates from the CATS applicant tracking system for instant access to your candidates.

  • Schedule Interviews Online

    Streamline the recruiting process by scheduling interviews with subject matter experts to narrow the candidate field.

  • Set Your Own Fees

    Earn recognition, reputation and money by performing web-based interviews to help employers and recruiters find the right job candidate.

  • Boost Your Profile

    Create a dynamic profile by uploading a resume and syncing it to LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

What Customers Are Saying

  • Having an expert (SME) do the first interview, rather than a recruiter, provides valuable insight into a candidate‚Äôs real-world experience.

  • Virtual interviews save us valuable time and resources and enable us to hire a new employee quicker than in the traditional recruiting process.

  • The quality of candidates we have interviewed after the expert has far surpassed what we were seeing by just depending on resumes to pre-screen candidates.