Frequently Asked Questions

  • After the interview is complete, how do I send my feedback to the employer?

    You will be able to rate the candidate and apply notes to the uploaded interview that the employer will see through their dashboard. This can be done while the interview is in session (by clicking on the 'Display Toggle' button, or after the interview is finished.

  • What kind of setup do I need to have in order to interview candidates?

    All interviews are done through our web portal. The first step after you've accepted an employer's offer is to create questions and submit them to the employer or recruiter. They will either accept them or edit them and return the questions before you conduct the interview. Our system requirements for the interview are: A computer with an internet connection. (High-speed connectivity is best for reviewing video interviews.) The latest version of Flash. The latest version of an internet browser for website functionality. Internet Explorer users will need to download the Google Chrome Frame plug-in to view interviews. (At this time, Chrome Frame only works with Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9 on Windows 7 / Vista / XP SP2 or greater. Mac users will need to use Firefox or Chrome browsers.)

  • How will I be selected to interview a candidate?

    Once you've completed your profile, it will be visible to employers and recruiters. They will likely choose experts based on a combination of factors including years and quality of experience that fits the job description of the position that they are hiring for, expert's hourly rate, and expert's availability. If you are chosen for a specific interview, you will receive an email notification or will be able to view it in the expert dashboard where you can then either accept the invitation, request a different interview time, or reject the invitation.

  • How much money do you pay experts per interview?

    We allow you to set your hourly rate. Our system works with tokens. Each token is worth $10. So if your desired hourly rate were $100, an employer would need to pay 10 tokens. Currently we allow a maximum of 50 tokens per hour.

  • I am interested in being an expert. How do I get started?

    First, sign up and you will be sent an email to confirm your registration. Then you will need to create an online profile in our system. The best profiles include complete curriculum vitae, and other attachments including white papers and links to your website or portfolio if applicable. The system also allows you to connect with your LinkedIn profile. Employers can view completed profiles once you've been verified in the system and invite you to interview a candidate.

  • What industries do you select experts from?

    We do not have limits on the fields of expertise. Experts in all fields can register for the site. As more experts register, the selection of industries will grow.

  • What is required to become an expert?

    All experts are required to have at least ten years of high-level experience in their given industry/field. We confirm the experience level and only accept experts with appropriate levels of work experience, as well as experience in interviewing.